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In 2018

In 2018

Ammon Miller

I was born and raised in North Dakota - probably the first person you've ever met from North Dakota, huh? As you can imagine, there wasn't much to do there, so I had to entertain myself with my own imagination. I developed a love for storytelling that hasn't gone away. 

I find excitement in all areas of life, so I tried lots of different activities in middle and high school - band, drama, choir, poetry, student government and more. By the end of high school I discovered that videos would be my main focus, since I could combine all these loves into that medium. 

After high school, I studied Media Arts at Brigham Young University. There I tried out every single aspect of filmmaking from sound to camera to script supervising and directing. However, my focus was in screenwriting. I loved my education, as it exposed me to incredible talent. It helped me discover my own talent. I also loved learning about media literacy and the responsibility of making media that represents truth. 

My style is to combine the familiar with the weird. I'm interested in emphasizing the things in real life that we usually ignore, while showing the limitlessness of imagination. I excel in paying attention, listening, and understanding, which is what makes my work stand out. I have natural talent, but I enhance that with practice, careful planning, and attention to detail. I hope to work with you soon!




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