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Where have I been?

This page can't be blank. 

If I'm being honest, that's most of the reason why I'm writing this blog entry. I hopped on Squarespace (because the podcasts told me to) and updated this website, and it should really look like I've been up to something. 

The truth is, I've been up to a lot. It's probably been close to 8 years since I was actively creating content. College is hard! Even though I studied film, that was mostly writing (and procrastinating) papers. BYU was more about film theory than just shooting stuff all the time, at least until my senior year. 

But boy, am I grateful for all the papers and all the reading! I find that these days "film" people get excited about fancy cameras and the technological jargon. But few people really dig at the heart of what makes a story great, or why we make media in the first place. I suppose that's my excuse for the lack of content over the past several years. I've been quietly observing, studying, and thinking. 

That, and I've been up to a lot! I recently got a job at a software company, after quitting a customer service job of which I was not a fan. I've also recently married my wife Janely, who is way too cool for me and learning to put up with my annoying taste in movies. (Although she loved Lady Snowblood!)  

It's time to start making stuff again. It probably won't all be perfect, but I know it's gonna be good. It's gonna be better than average, and eventually it's gonna be great. And at that time, I promise you I will have more to say. Keep an eye out until then. 

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