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College Projects

Some good, some...not so good? Here's a collection of some of my favorite projects from when I was a film student at BYU. 

A Scene from "Synecdoche NY"

For my TMA 319 class at BYU.

Cinematography by Wes Bowen
Starring Soren Budge, Claire Cotten, Michael Comp, and Steven Rowe
Grip - Jase Van Meeteren

A Scene from Slither

A scene from "Slither", written by James Gunn.
Cinematography by Danny Hunt
Sound by Thomas Barreiros
With Steven Rowe, MerylAnn Dexter, and Danny Hunt

For my TMA 285 class.

A Widow's Mite

When a widow's baby becomes ill, she desperately turns to a witch for help. But the witch may have vengeful intentions of her own.

A Scene from Matchstick Men

A scene from "Matchstick Men", written by Nick and Ted Griffin. Cinematography by Lindsey Kampenhout
With Jacob Tehrani, Hunter Phillips, and Sariah May

A project for my TMA 285 class.

Conversation Project - Part 1

Part one of a two part assignment - I had to first record a conversation between two people and accurately capture the perspectives between the two. 

Shot for my TMA 319 Class

Conversation Project - Part 2

Here's part 2 of the assignment - I had to take the words of the previous conversation I recorded, then re-record it in a dramatic version. 

A Scene from Being John Malkovich

A scene from "Being John Malkovich", written by Charlie Kaufman. Cinematography by Colton Elzey
Sound by Michael Comp
With Soren Budge and Libby Frame

For my TMA 285 class.


We've all heard the nursery rhyme, "Little Bunny Foo Foo." What happened to Little Bunny Foo Foo after he turned into a Goon? This sequel of sorts follows his journey to redeption.

"Norbert" is an adaptation of a crazy bedtime story my sister told me as a kid. This film is my attempt to evoke my childhood, and share what I learned in the process. It was made for my TMA 285 Class

A Scene from "The Fisher King"

A scene from Terry Gilliam's 1991 film "The Fisher King".
Cinematography by David Heath
Starring Paul McGrew and Danny Brown
Special thanks to Emily Bade

A film for my TMA 285 class - Assignment: Film a shot-for-shot scene from a movie. 

The Restroom

Jesse cleans the restroom. A short one-shot documentary for my TMA 285 class at BYU.

Shirt Happens

A classic tale of revenge and shiny shirts. Created Fall 2014 for a final fiction project for TMA 185 at BYU.

On Masculinity

Here's a weird project - In my Media Literacy class we were asked to make a presentation about a social issue about which we were passionate. I made a presentation on masculinity. I compiled characters in media whom I looked up to that were representations of toxic masculinity. These characters are then destroyed by toxic versions of themselves, showing that all too often are good qualities are destroyed by toxic masculinity.