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High School

Ah, the glory days. There's something special about just going out there and making stuff to have fun. 


Everybody's gotta start from somewhere. Here's my story about two eggs falling in love and the inevitability of death. 

This was really the first "film" I ever put out there. My first YouTube video. It one the 9th grade film festival!

North Dakota Bois (California Gurls Parody)

This is the big one - the video of my glory days, and my most popular project ever. 

I kept writing North Dakota themed lyrics throughout high school. They just weren't clicking. When Katy Perry's song presented itself, everything fell into place. My friends and I had been boating along the Missouri River all summer, and our adventures were easily translated into the smash-hit music video of 2010. 

aybe someday I'll live up to it. 

I Go To The New Moon Premiere

I thought I could do Jay Leno better than Jay Leno...I still think I'm right. 

Ode To Boxxy

Trying my hand at music - I wrote a song dedicated to my favorite internet personality at the time. 

Graham Worships Satan

One of my first projects ever - I got a camera from my parents and with my random footage I made a music video for a friend's band. 

Laundry Day

Short and sweet, but not short enough (it was supposed to be for a 15 second film contest). I still really like this one!

My Trip To New York

A kind of "man on the street" inspired video diary of my choir trip to New York.