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I co-wrote/directed this series with Langston's original creator, Soren Budge

Langston: Episode 1

Straight off the funny pages and into our hearts, it's Langston! In this episode, everyone's favorite wacky deer and his best friend Steve enjoy a piece of toast.

Langston: Episode 2

It's a beautiful day, and Steve is ready to play.

Langston: Episode 3

Steve shows off his stamp collection. Hijinks ensue!

Langston: Episode 4

Langston falls into a bad habit, and Steve tries to help him out.

Langston: Episode 5

Even best friends have disagreements sometimes, but Langston is ready to make things right.

Langston: Episode 6

Steve sometimes gets carried away with his snacking, but who doesn't like to indulge every now and then?

Langston: Episode 7

Tensions aren't the only things mounting in this episode of Langston– just look at the dishes!

Langston: Episode 8

Langston and Steve learn that even good things have to change sometimes in this very special episode of Langston.

Langston: Episode 9

Sometimes a man needs to get in touch with his tender side, and sometimes a tiny deer has to help! Can Steve win Jen over, and prove Mom wrong once and for all?

Langston: Episode 10

When life gives you lemonade, make double lemonade!

Langston: Episode 11

Langston is one party animal that nobody can control!

Langston: Episode 12

A television is a man's best friend— unless Langston has anything to say about it!

Langston: Episode 13

There's a deer looking over your shoulder. Don't turn around.

Langston: Episode 14

Deep in your heart, there's a sunny day waiting. Take its hand and sing!

Langston: Episode 15

When a flower says hello, one's soul can scarcely help but shudder. Good day.

Langston: Episode 16

The cold is here.